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Mobile Catering Southampton, New Forest and the South of the UK. Wood Fired Pizzas, Hog Roasts, Mexican Street Food, Smokehouse & BBQ. Buffets for weddings, birthday parties etc from Boyceys Mobile Catering.

From Memphis to Kentucky, BBQ is more than just a style of cooking, but a subculture with wide variations between regions in America, so we thought we`d bring our take on this legendary cuisine to the south coast.

Our level of professionalism and outstanding quality lets us compete with the larger caterers out there, but since we are still the local guys, our customer service and dedication to you gives us an edge over everyone, so why not join us and let us take you on a journey through flavatown!
Depending on what it is we are cooking, we douse our meat joints with an orchestra of herbs and spices, we smoke some of our meats over Applewood or hickory for long periods at low temperatures to ensure nothing but prime mouthfuls of tender awesomeness.

All our meat is bought from our local butcher and rolls are collected from our local bakery fresh on the day of your event, except on a Sunday, sorry they don’t open but will still be pillow soft!

Some of our classics for you to choose from

Chilli dawgs

handmade long sausage from our local butcher, topped with chilli, our chilli is made entirely from scratch using brisket, the freshest veggies, ripest limes and kahuna spice blend

Big dawg

handmade long sausage from our local butcher, topped with onions, American mustard and a dash of ketchup

Mexican marinated Chicken thighs

marinated for 48 hours in fresh lime juice, fresh coriander, some selected herbs and spices finished on the bbq.

Habanero hickory smoked ring sting wings

chicken wings smoked over hickory, deep fried then tossed in our home made habanero hot sauce

Smokehouse burgers

6oz handmade patty, smoked over Applewood, topped with smoked cheese and our homemade Memphis BBQ sauce, garnish and a fresh bun of your choice

Memphis pulled pork

Boston pork butts doused in our “77 Memphis rub”, smoked over hickory, cooked low and slow, served in a fresh sesame bun softer than your pillow! Accompanied with our homemade Memphis BBQ sauce

King prawns

King prawns marinated in lime juice, fresh garlic and a few mildly hot spices for 24 hours, then deep fried in our homemade hoppy ale tempura batter

Stuffed peppers

whole fresh peppers stuffed with mozzarella, fresh basil, cherry toms and spring onion

Corn of the Cob

Succulently sweet & Juicy Corn of the cobs

Baby back ribs

marinated for 48 hours, topped in a Texan BBQ sauce

Crispy gnocchi

shallow fried with fresh garlic and rosemary

Cajun Fries, Salad buckets

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Contact us and we can discuss the catering options we can offer for your party or event. We mainly cover Southampton and the New Forest areas, but are happy to quote for other areas.